Saturday, September 5, 2009


i haven't been writing for almost a month now.

i don't feel like me, it's like talking, with different muscle and limbs.i talk every day, every single day, to 26 or 33 people everyday.

but i love my job,i enjoy teaching,i always do.

i'll talk about something else (write). about love perhaps.

i'm 22, i thought i know what love is.never have i realized that there's a lot more to learn about love when you're 22.

the concept of soulmate,lately, i have not been able to grasp the concept clearly because love spells bullshit currently.

i want to feel love,i want to drown in love,i want to breathe love.

but i just can't feel it this time around.

and i have a boyfriend for crying out loud. sigh.