Monday, November 30, 2009

december december

it's almost december.

12 months.what have i done in the past almost 12 months.let me

1. i finished my bachelor's degree. (all the thesis, the graduation which i will never forget - not because of the glorious joy- no)
2. got a job.
3. not anymore.
4. will continue my master's degree.
5. fell out of love. (it seems like a curse that my love life always end up after a year)
6. well, maybe that's all, maybe not.

my life is not THAT interesting.i don't hangout with celebrities.or do coke.or have a rockstar boyfriend i end up touring the States with, i have a simple, ordinary life.

which i love, maybe.i don't know.don't ask me now.because right now,i crave....

peace of mind.

ciao bella! (no, not that sparkly vampire's girlfriend)