Sunday, December 27, 2009

the highlights of my 2009 - the best

some of the best of 2009

1. Buzzcocks - watching them in flesh and blood right before my very own eyes (and touching them in a way you wouldn't imagine as well) it was great, it was surreal, when i'm down, i just have to remember this moment and so far, it never fails to make me smile and grin.i met this great guy as well so it was just perfect.

2. being able to drive - FINALLY.for 22 years and 4 months i have been living with the thought that i can't drive and driving is next to impossible.but no way jose, in June i was finally driving my ass to and from driving-confidence is picking up though i can't back park or parallel park, it's okay.

3. getting a first real job with a paycheck and and i enjoyed my job.i really do.NOT because of the paycheck but i love teaching.

4. i have a love-hate (30 percent love/70 percent hate) relationship with my convocation but i am thankful for it, for getting a degree after all those sweats and bloods and tears and shits.

well i am really grateful for my health throughout 2009, for my family, for my friends- those who share either laughter or tears or both, who are there for me when i need them the most. my life may have not been perfect. i have equal share of joy and pain, everything rolled into one. i would have changed it if i can but i don't want to.

2010, please be kind to everyone.

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pief said...

1,3,4 applies to me. :)