Sunday, December 27, 2009

the uhm, downlights of my 2009 - the worst

top 4 suckiest things

1. the time when i have just finished my studies and was about to work my very first job and i was in a middle of cross road, can't choose what i want but what i got turned out to be great as well (the silver lining ;-). the worse part was the crossroad thing, that particular feeling.i don't want to let myself EXPERIENCE it ever again.

2. some 'technical' or maybe bureaucratic problem regarding my convocation.that pink sash.i am still quite bitter about it.5 years of hard work equal to uhm close to nothing.YOU don't understand how it don't tell me 'just enjoy the moment'.it was painful.

3. failing a long distance relationship.but truth be told, things have been gradually declining way back before it really ends.this is not the suckiest.i'm sorry.

4. i'm no longer an undergraduate student.god knows how i missed every single moment- when i was a student. it the blink of an eye,it ends.several millions blinks, kinda suck because i enjoyed being a's easier than facing the real world.student's world is real too, but it's more liberating.indeed,to me.

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